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The Benton Police Department recently conducted a week of department-wide firearms training in a continued effort to maintain and hone firearms proficiency. Skills practiced during the intensive course are paramount for response to active intruders. It also served as preparation for the multi-agency active shooter course that will take place at local schools this summer.

BNPD officers have participated in this type of training for many years, always with the hope that it will never need to be utilized in a real-life scenario.

“We do this type of training every year to ensure officers are up-to-date on the most effective response methods and to hone skills in general,” said Captain Kevin Russell. “We take the safety of all students and employees in our community very seriously, and this is one of the most important ways we can be ready in the event of an active intruder.”

He added that the FBI and Department of Homeland Security have published some information for citizens to help them know what to do if they find themselves in an active shooter situation. These resources can be found by visiting

For more information, contact BNPD at 501-776-5948 between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.