The Benton Police Department currently has two K-9 teams in service.

Two of the K-9s, “Lucky” and “Honor,” are cross-trained in patrol and narcotics detection and one, “Benton,” is trained in narcotics detection only. The department’s K-9 teams play a critical role in the day-to-day operations of the police department. The support and resources these K-9s provide to patrol and narcotic operations is immeasurable. These teams have been credited with numerous drug seizures, apprehensions of violent offenders, and searches for persons while aiding the Benton Police and other state agencies.

Currently, the K-9 handlers and their K-9s are assigned to both the Patrol Division and Special Investigations Unit.

In addition to their duties as K-9 handlers, the K-9 Teams make up the department’s Benton Interstate Criminal Enforcement Patrol, or BICEP Team. These officers are specially trained to conduct high volume, professional traffic stops to seek out and arrest felony suspects traveling on Interstate 30, which runs through the heart of the City of Benton. Enforcing crimes ranging from interstate narcotics smuggling, stolen vehicles, human smuggling and human trafficking operations, wanted fugitives, as well as traveling identity theft and shoplifting rings, the BICEP Team focuses on all aspects of criminal law. Officers on the BICEP Team provide an increase in marked patrol unit presence on the interstate throughout the city, and often assist stranded motorists with changing tires as well as assisting State Police Troopers with collision investigations on I-30. Members of the BICEP Team have been responsible for the location and recovery of several stolen vehicles and stolen license plates, location and recovery of recently stolen property, arrest of numerous wanted fugitives from Arkansas as well as across the country, the identification and arrest of nationwide organized shoplifting and identity theft rings, the identification and arrest of individuals involved in international human smuggling operations, and the seizure of hundreds of pounds of illicit drugs traveling the interstate highway through our City. BICEP Team members have also been directly responsible for catching individuals that had just committed serious felonious crimes within the city, and then attempted to flee on the interstate.