IMG 5449 EDITED for WEBBenton Police School Resource Officers (SRO) work under the general direction of the School Resource Officer Sergeant and perform law enforcement functions, teaching and counseling in and around the Benton School District System.  The SRO program is an initiative to help keep our schools a safe environment for learning through an increased law enforcement presence that allows for a good rapport between officers, students, and staff.  

Officers participate in school sponsored functions both during and after regular school hours including sporting events, dances, meetings, pep rallies, and numerous other year-round happenings.  They work with school counselors on school projects and clubs, and teach a variety of subjects in the classroom such as drug prevention, child safety, juvenile law, prescription drug abuse, alcohol abuse, babysitting, sex crimes, and other preventions related subjects.

SRO’s conduct preliminary investigations of violations of law that occur on school campuses and district property.  School resource officers have frequent contact with department personnel, other law enforcement agencies, school officials, parents, students, businesses, and the general public.  They are also involved in the Boys and Girls Club organization and other civic organizations.  

Starting in early 2013, officers started working with the students in the media class at the Benton High School to produce public safety announcement videos.  This has resulted in numerous videos that have been presented to the public on our social media platforms in an attempt to make the community a safer place for everyone.

IMG 8251The Records Division of the Benton Police Department is a civilian support unit, which provides general record maintenance and data entry for the department. The Records Division is responsible for processing accident and incident reports, data entry of traffic and criminal offenses, and processing subpoenas and warrants.

The Records Division handles a large number of request for reports from the public as well as requests for background checks.  They are also responsible for submitting monthly statistical reports to the state and federal government concerning criminal activity and arrests information for the city.  

The Records Division receives incoming phone calls for the police department as well as providing customer service to those conducting business within the police department. Hours of operation for the Records Division are 7:00 A.M. until 5:00 P.M. Monday thru Friday with the exception of holidays.

Records Phone Number: 501-776-5948

The Benton Police Department strives to ensure that each person within the department is properly trained in his or her assignment. Training begins as soon as the individual begins employment and continues throughout their career as an officer. It is our goal to provide the most professional and knowledgeable police officers, as well as support staff, to the community for whom we serve.

The Training Division consists of a Lieutenant, and a Training Sergeant. They are tasked with ensuring the Division operates efficiently and that employees receive appropriate training for their assigned division. The Lieutenant oversees the overall operation of the Division and reports to the Administrative Captain.

The Sergeant is the first-line supervisor for the Training Division and ensures that training for each employee is up to date and corresponds with all applicable laws. The Training Sergeant is responsible for scheduling the training as well as making the necessary arrangements for the employee to attend. The Training Officer also instructs classes throughout the year to update employees on new technology and strategies that will assist them in their assigned duties.

Newly hired officers with the Benton Police Department must complete a mandatory 12 week Field Training Officer (FTO) Course prior to being considered for the state training academy.  During this 12 week session, the new officer accompanies a Field Training Officer and learns the basics of what a patrol officer position entails.  The new officer must complete certain phases during the process to be able to move onto the next one until they are ready for the academy.  

After successful completion of the FTO phases of the training they will then be enrolled and attend a 12 week basic law enforcement officer training program at the Arkansas Law Enforcement Training Academy.  While at the academy the officer will learn various aspects of the law enforcement profession including criminal and traffic law, firearms proficiency, and defensive tactics.  

After the completion of the training academy the officer will then be assigned to a patrol shift under the direct supervision of the shift Sergeant.  The officer is on a one year probation status from the date of hire and at the conclusion of that time frame they assume the full status of a patrol officer.