Lieutenant Named City's 'Employee of the Year'

Big collageCongratulations to Lt. Bigelow for being named the City of Benton's 2016 Employee of the Year! There were several reasons Lt. Bigelow was given this prestigious award, but mostly it is because he is a very good, very great officer.

In January 2016 he was named the City's Employee of the Month after the city received a letter from a citizen. The letter commended (then Sgt. Bigelow) for his handling of a breaking and entering report at Tinsletown movie theater. The victims said Sgt. Bigelow was working off duty security at the theater when he took the report.

The victims said Sgt. Bigelow spent the next several hours working to solve the crime while maintaining his regular off-duty work. A manager at the theater noted Sgt. Bigelow was on the phone for several hours with several different people gathering information, which ultimately led to the arrest of the suspects that same night.

Sgt. Bigelow went above and beyond his duties, and this a great example of why he's now Lt. Bigelow and why he was honored as the 2016 City of Benton Employee of the Year!