warrant sweepSMALLThe Benton Police Department is launching a new initiative which will cause a multitude of arrests. The Warrant Resolve-Olution will be conducted throughout January to find anyone in the city that has an outstanding warrant and take them into custody.

“If you have an outstanding warrant, a great New Year’s resolution will be to take care it now,” said Chief Kirk Lane. “We offered people the opportunity to take of their warrants in December without arrest, jail time, or extra fines, but we are moving into phase two now.”

Anyone who knows or thinks they may have a warrant is encouraged to make contact with the police department immediately. By contacting us they may be able to avoid additional fees such as impounding their vehicle if they are arrested on a traffic stop. They may also avoid the embarrassment of being arrested in front of family members or friends or co-workers, and by being contacted at their place of employment. If a person turns themselves in at the police department, they stand a chance of being released with a court date and not being incarcerated.

Otherwise, when officers find those with warrants, they will be taken to jail, regardless if it’s a non-violent offense or not. The officers will be concentrating first on finding people who have warrants for violent or other serious offenses.
If you know of someone who may have an outstanding warrant then you are encouraged to call the Benton Police Department at 778-1171 or 315-TIPS. Anonymous tips can be sent to CRIMES (274637) with the keyword BNPD in the body of the text. An anonymous tip can also be submitted via the official Benton Police Department app found on iTunes and Google Play.