NewCoin2014-Front-Transparent-webThe Benton Police Department recently concluded the month-long “Dang, I Got a Warrant” initiative.  It was a resounding success with 204 misdemeanor and 44 felony warrants served during the month of March.  

This initiative was a success due in part to individuals coming forward and taking care of the warrants hanging over their head and to the hard of our officers in making efforts to serve them.  We would also like to thank the Saline County Sheriff’s Office, Bryant Police Department, and the U.S. Marshal’s for their assistance during this initiative.  

Original Release:

The Benton Police Department is starting the “Dang, I Got a Warrant” initiative on March 1st.  This is an initiative to cut down on the backlog of active warrants currently in our system.  As part of the initiative, we’re hoping that if people realize they have an active warrant hanging over their head they will take time to take care of it.  

To assist them, the department will be offering a three day period with extended hours in our records division to better facilitate taking care of it.  This will take place Tuesday-Thursday, March 3rd-5th, from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM at our office (114 S. East St.).  

We currently have over 789 active misdemeanor and 63 felony warrants in our system and this initiative will help us cut down on the backlog.  Officers from every division will be working the initiative during the month of March in an attempt to serve the warrants.  Additionally, we will be organizing multi-agency warrant sweeps with other law enforcement agencies during this time.   
It’s our hope that individuals with misdemeanor warrants will turn themselves in and possibly avoid jail time and other issues with getting caught.  If located by officers they will also run the risk of an embarrassment if arrested at work or home, and the impounding of their vehicle if found during a traffic stop.  

Another purpose for trying to serve warrants, is due to cases that are left open or unsettled in the judicial process because of individuals not showing up for scheduled court dates.  Thus, service will help bring closure to many victims who are awaiting justice.  

Those with questions about the “Dang, I’ve Got a Warrant” program, either on how it works or if they think they may have a warrant, are encouraged to contact the Benton Police Department at 501-776-5948 from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.  They may also stop by the police department, located at 114 S. East St. Suite 100, and take care of their warrant.   

Anyone with information about an individual with a warrant is encouraged to contact the Benton Police Department at 501-778-1171 or 501-315-TIPS.  Individuals also may send us an anonymous tip to CRIMES (274637) with the keyword BNPD in the body of the text or go to www.crimereports.com to leave a tip.  A tip can also be submitted via the official Benton Police Department app found on ITunes and Google Play.

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